Regain Control of a Cluttered Playroom

Whether you have a dedicated playroom for your kids, or their main play space is your living room or den, the clutter can be enough to drive you made. Everywhere you look, you see toys upon toys upon toys, and you are at your wits end! Sure, it’s wonderful that your kids have so many things to play with, but the clutter is not only making your home look untidy, but it can also lead to safety hazards (if you’ve ever stepped on a Lego or a Barbie shoe, you know exactly what we are talking about!)

Kids get absorbed in their play, and that’s the way that it should be; however, that doesn’t meant that your house has to look like a toy store exploded! With a few simple tips, you can clean up the clutter that has turned into chaos and regain order – which will benefit you and your kids! Using peel and stick labels can help.

Less Is More

Believe it or not, kids actually tend to do more playing when they have less; more involved playing, that is.

When children have access to too many toys, they become over-stimulated; they want to move from one thing to the next, which leads to less involved play, which is often less imaginative play. Plus, having an influx of toys at the ready usually means more toys will be strewn about. In order to get your kids really engaged with their playing, and to keep things tidy, remember that less is more. Reduce the amount of toys that are readily available to them and you will see a huge increase in their creative playing – and a huge increase in your sanity. You don’t have to dump the toys that you currently own, or stop buying new ones; just cycle them in and out. Swap out the selection of toys once a week and everyone will be happier.

Labeling is Key

Labeling is a fundamental part of organization. Even if your tykes can’t read yet, you can still take advantage of labels. Printable labels help to avoid clutter and will make it easy to find your things. For example, you could buy crack and peel labels that says “superheroes” with an image of caped crusaders underneath it on a bin that you want those superhero toys stored in. Not only will this make it easier for little ones to find their favorite toys, but it will also make cleanup time a breeze. Plus, you’ll be instilling word recognition as your children will start to associate the formation of words with the pictures that they represent.

Opt for See Through Bins

Skip the big, bulky toy boxes and the colorful bins and instead, opt for smaller, see through bins. Doing so will avoid having your child dump out an entire huge toy box or an opaque bin to find what she is looking for. Even if you have the bins labeled with inkjet labels, she may not be able to find exactly what it is that she is looking for, which may result in dumping – and a huge mess that will need to be cleaned up.

Store toys in smaller, clear bins and keep them labeled to really reduce clutter.

When it comes to organizing a playroom, remember that less is more, and simple is better. Follow these de-cluttering tips and your kids – and you – will be much happier. Trust us.