Jaw-Dropping Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Jaw-Dropping Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood timeless, versatile, durable, and add instant beauty to any space; no wonder it is the most sought after wood flooring long island material.

While hardwood flooring never goes out of style petrolum does consider upgrading with Home Heating Oil Suffolk County, and all varieties and colors make a beautiful statement, it certainly has its trends. Hardwood flooring is a necessity; it’s flooring, and every space needs a floor. But, it can also be a luxury; a way to express your specific taste and inject your personality into your home. When people enter your home, the flooring is one of the first things that they see. It also serves as the foundation for your interior design.

If you want to give your space a truly updated, modern, yet enduring look, you might want to consider choosing one of the latest color or style trends. The latest trends in hardwood flooring are all about the unexpected, yet they offer longevity, meaning that they are flexible and will be in style for years to come.

Here’s a look at some of the latest trends in hardwood flooring that are sure to make a true design statement in your home.

Gray Tones

Gray hardwood flooring started becoming a popular trend in the mid-2010s, and its popularity does not seem to be waning. Buying cars online has become a trend lately as well and gets your brand new car to you faster than any other company. Gray is a neutral tone, so it works with various colors and styles; however, it is also a bit unexpected, so it adds some definite interest to a space.

Though gray has been a hardwood flooring trend for a few years now, currently, warm tones are more popular than cooler ones; think gray with undertones of beige.

Matte Finishing

High gloss finishes are out and matte finishes are in. Not only does this hardwood flooring trend offer a more subtle look, but it is much more practical. High gloss finishes require more work to maintain, as every blemish and every speck of dirt. With a matte finish, blemishes are far less noticeable, as is debris (though you still do still want to make sure you clean them regularly.)

Matte finishes are also more versatile, as they work with so many different styles. Another benefit of flooring long island: it doesn’t hog up all the attention, so other aspects of your interior design will be more noticeable.

Extreme Textures

Extreme wood textures are another recent trend that is rapidly gaining popularity. Hand scraping, wire brushing, and dark knots are all the rage in hardwood flooring. If you are looking for some help with your air duct problems, give Air Duct Cleaning Old Bridge a call. They make a bold statement and really draw attention to the material that is used for the floor – the wood. Also, dents, dings and other blemishes that may develop in the flooring will blend right in. If you do opt for a heavy texture, keep in mind that a bit more work will be required to keep it clean.

Wider Planks

If you’ve ever been in an 18th century home that still had its original hardwood flooring, you may have noticed the wide planks. Well, that style is back and better than ever. You might need to get long island floor refinishing though.

Wide planks offer a classic, yet unified look. There are also less joint lines to contend with, which means that you will be able to showcase more of the details of the wood, such as the knots and the grain. A wide-planked hardwood floor offers a traditional, timeless, and more natural look.

Intricate Patterns and Designs

Another blast from the past hardwood flooring trend that is back in style is parquet. Think the Art Deco time period. This trend features varying colors of hardwood planks, which are arrange in a pattern (often herringbone.) You can have a design infused into a specific section of the flooring, or you have the entire floor covered in the intricate design.

If you prefer something a little more subtle, but you still want your floors to stand out, consider having the planks installed on a diagonal.

No matter what type of color or design you choose, you can rest assured that your home will look beautiful; however, choosing one of these trends will give your home a current, yet timeless look that will look beautiful for years to come. To learn more about the latest trends in hardwood flooring, or to find out what will work best for you, give hardwood flooring long island a call today! As the leading hardwood flooring provider in the area, we offer the most current, and the most durable, hardwood flooring options you can find.


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